A message from Chief Brzezniak

On AUGUST 14, 2013, the Schiller Park Police Department will be implementing a village wide ‘’SAFE SCHOOL INITIATIVE” to coincide with BACK TO SCHOOL.


This program is designed to increase safety and protect children in and around the schools. As a result, residents will notice an increased police presence and officers will be issuing citations for school zone violations.  

Some of the violations include: NO PHONE USAGE, NO TEXTING WHILE DRIVING, SPEEDING IN A SCHOOL ZONE, PASSING A SCHOOL BUS LOADING OR UNLOADING, SEAT BELT VIOLATIONS to name a few.  The first three (3) days violators will be issued warning citations. Thereafter, there will be a ZERO tolerance for violators.


Now Is The Time To Act!

Each year, more than 100,000 fatal or life-changing car accidents occur when people ignore the risk of texting behind the wheel.

People should BE AWARE that you’re 23 times more likely to crash while texting and driving. Furthermore, 48% of children have seen their parents text and drive!  In 2013, texting related crashes are surpassing DUI’s amongst teens!  Consequently, we can work together to stop this deadly behavior.

Therefore, I am asking that everyone set a positive example by NOT texting while driving and obey the school zone laws.


Thank you,




Chief Brzezniak