District 81 has a new Logo

School District 81 has launched a new website that was designed to connect with our school community and public, and to share with visitors the unique School District 81 brand.

The best websites offer a vivid picture of what an organization is all about.  Our website was designed so that visitors could easily browse through pictures, news features, calendar events, and blog posts to know that we are a child-centered learning environment that is positive and inclusive, and values community.

The new website highlights our progressive use of technology in the District, and the fresh and modern style parallels District 81’s innovative teaching practices.  An equally fresh and modern logo was needed to express who we are as a professional learning community.  We are proud to introduce the soaring eagle as this new logo. 

We chose the eagle for all that it symbolizes. The eagle is a symbol of American patriotism, which is fitting for our District, whose three schools were named to honor great presidents who shaped and defined our country. The District looks
over our three remarkable schools, which is represented by the eagle flying overhead.   This symbol of flight also represents our community’s proximity to O’Hare International airport, as well as our constant forward momentum.

Kennedy, Washington, and Lincoln will always enjoy having their own mascots, which highlight the unique identities of their schools.  The entire community will also stand together collectively under our School District 81 brand, which we have built together through our shared dedication to the children of this community.