Washington's Veterans Day Remembrance Performance

Washington's Veterans Day Remembrance Performance


Washington School’s Veteran Day Remembrance Performance


Wednesday, November 11th


Lincoln Middle School Theater


The 4th & 5th grade students will honor our country’s Veterans in a performance.  Families are welcome to attend.  If you plan on attending, please fill out the form below and return by Friday, November 9.  .



Please fill out and return to Washington School by Friday, November 9th if you plan on attending the Veteran’s Day Performance on Wednesday, November 11th.  Your ID must be scanned in prior to the performance.


Student Name______________________________ Room #________


Parent Name________________________________________________


Number of adults attending the performance _______________


All adults need to present an ID and be signed into our Raptor System. You may sign in at Lincoln Middle School the day of the performance, or have your ID scanned at Washington School anytime before.  If you had your ID scanned in this year, we will have it printed out for the performance.