About the School

Mission Statement

We, the collaborative community at Lincoln Middle School, will ensure that each student will reach high academic and social achievement as measured by the State and National Standards. We are committed to a complete system of support to guarantee this outcome.

Lincoln Middle School's Vision

At Lincoln Middle School, there is a visible positive school climate that fosters an atmosphere of respect. There is a feeling of belonging and safety within the school community. Diversity is celebrated and students feel free to express ideas. Open and consistent communication and high expectations exist for all. Adults and students learn from each other, take pride in their work, and are enthusiastic about education.

Students are self directed life-long learners. They are quality producers who are motivated to continue on to higher levels of education. They have opportunities to become well-rounded, productive citizens through academics and extracurricular activities. Working independently and collaboratively with others, students construct questions that enhance their knowledge and accept other viewpoints. Students embrace responsibility for their learning and seek guidance from parents, guardians, teachers, and administrators in this pursuit.

The student centered curriculum is tailored to individual learning styles. To support achievement, flexible learning environments exist. Students are also provided with diverse extracurricular activities. Current technology is infused in the curriculum and accessible to all. Teachers have resources that enable innovative and engaging practices.

The collaborative community is involved in the educational development of students. Parents and guardians are the bridge between the school community and the greater community. They are partners in their child's education and are supportive of both academic and extracurricular activities. Respect and value for education is reinforced at home.

The foundation of leadership  in the school community is characterized by compassion and empathy. All members are forward thinking leaders who take an active role in effective decision making. They model strong leadership through their participation and contributions for the success of all.

Lincoln Middle School Values Statements

  • We will provide the students opportunities to express their identity and to appreciate and celebrate diversity.
  • We will provide positive academic and extra-curricular experiences for students to grow and develop skills to become well-rounded productive citizens and life-long learners.
  • We will provide an environment that supports individual learning styles by providing choices in how students learn and are assessed.
  • We will provide students with opportunities to take ownership of their own learning and show respect for the learning of others.
  • We will provide teachers with the necessary tools to enable innovative and engaging learning opportunities integrating cutting edge technology.
  • We will encourage parents to show they value education by providing opportunities for them to contribute to the school community.
  • We will be visionaries and catalysts in implementing best practices and accepting change.
  • We will provide innovative programs that will support educational needs and celebrate successes.
  • We will have open and consistent communication with parents, guardians, students and staff.
  • We will let compassion and empathy guide our actions.

About The School