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About Health Services

Student health services are provided in our district towards the goal of good health and
based on the belief that learning and health are connected. The Health Services team
includes one certified nurse and two registered nurses working in the schools.

Health care provided in the health office supports your child and allows students to return to
class. The nurse works in collaboration with your child's pediatrician to maintain student
health records according to the Illinois School Code and for medical direction of their health
needs. If you require assistance in obtaining a physician, please contact the health office.

Nurses positively affect student attendance. A registered nurse at school allows for prompt
and professional responses to health concerns and medical issues. In the event of illness or
accidents parents will be called immediately and the nurse will provide emergency care.

Responsibilities of the nurse include first aid and illness care, maintenance of student health
records, the development of healthcare plans, administer medication as prescribed by the
physician, care for students with health needs and perform vision/ hearing screenings.
Please contact the school nurse for all medical conditions and specific health care needs.

School Nurse Contact Information

Kennedy Elementary School Nurse
Denisse Barrios RN, BSN
3945 North Wehrman Avenue
Schiller Park, IL 60176
PH 847- 671-0250 (x 3109) 
FAX 847-671-0256 

Washington 4th and 5th School Nurse
Jeanne Keifer RN, CSN- PEL, District Nurse
4835 Michigan Avenue
Schiller Park, IL 60176
PH 847- 671-1922 (x 5198) 
FAX 847- 671-1972 

Lincoln Middle School Nurse 
Elsa Guzman BSN, RN
9750 Soreng Avenue
Schiller Park, IL 60176
PH 47- 678-2916 (x 7150) 
FAX 847- 678- 4059

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