Our Mission

Schiller Park School District #81’s mission is to ensure success in all areas of development, and is a shared responsibility among schools, students, families and our
community. We are dedicated to providing a child-centered environment that promotes achievement, respect and accountability as measured by District, State and National standards.


Education is a matter of growth, not a matter of memorization, recitation or getting through a certain textbook. Growth takes place along all lines, physical, intellectual, emotional and social. The school must be cognizant of all these and so organize itself that each individual child may progress along all lines to the best of his/her ability.

It is the school's purpose to guide children so that they will have a sense of belonging, a feeling of security, confidence in their ability, freedom from fear, and an appreciation of the arts.

It is our responsibility to help guide and direct each child in a manner that assures the development of the "whole child" into a well-rounded individual capable of self-

It is to these premises that the Staff of District #81 is dedicated. The application of these beliefs dictates the following principles:

  • Children learn to do by doing. They learn to solve problems by solving problems. They learn to live in a democratic society by growing up in a democratic group, a democratic group being one in which the welfare of all is considered and rights of the individual respected, in which responsibility goes with freedom, in which there is respect for self, others and authority.
  • Children need certain basic understandings. They need knowledge of social and physical sciences to better understand how man lives. They need to learn where to find the knowledge required to function as contributing members of society.
  • Children need to develop interests, which will stimulate further learning. They need physical skills, which will help them keep fit for everyday living and serve them in recreational and social solutions.