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Special Education Programming Continuum

District 81 is proud to offer a continuum of special education services offered for all students in special education based on needs identified by the IEP team. The continuum is fluid and programming options are highly individualized for each student based on their unique strengths and areas of need. Programming options are discussed and decided on as an IEP team.  

Interpretation Request Information

Interpretation Services are available at IEP meetings for parents whose native language is other than English, or who are deaf, to assist with participation in the meeting.  If you would like an interpreter at your child’s IEP meeting, please request an interpreter by completing the Request for Interpreter Form found here or by contacting your child’s case manager.  You have the right to request that the interpreter serve no other role in the IEP meeting other than as an interpreter and the District will make reasonable efforts to fulfill this request.  Please contact Susan Piltaver at 847-671-1816 if you have any questions or complaints about interpretation services.

Illinois Law : HB 3586  PA 101-0515

The District maintains related service log records that document the type of related services administered under a student’s individualized education program (IEP). The related service logs record the minutes of related services that have been administered. This notice is to inform parents and guardians of their ability to request copies of any IEP related service log records maintained for their child. Please direct any requests for a copy of the IEP related service records for your child to your child's building principal.

Special Education Programs Grades PreK - 8

Description of Programs

General Education with inclusive services:

Academic and/or related services are provided to students in general education classroom. Goals are embedded into the general education curriculum, complement the curriculum and make it a more meaningful service for the student.

General Education with pull out services:

Academic and/or related services are provided to students in a resource room or special education classroom. Pre-teaching and support are provided to the student to utilize background knowledge. faceStudents requiring explicit skill development are taught using an alternate curriculum. The goal is to increase foundational knowledge and skills that will transfer to the general education curriculum and classroom.

Specialized Learning Center:

This program provides a developmental and functional curriculum, with focus on life skills and social skills. Related services may be provided in co-treatment setting, general education and/or special education classroom. Communication, motor skills, sensory needs, and activities of daily living are all embedded in the learning experience.  

Specialized Learning & Behavior Center:

This program provides a highly structured classroom environment to provide behavioral interventions that will support learning. 

Therapeutic day school

An instructional placement for students with serious emotional and behavioral needs. Academic and therapeutic needs of students are addressed and  aspects of the school day incorporate behavior management, counseling, and are extremely structured.

Related Services/Programs

  • Adapted Physical Education
  • Counseling
  • Hearing Itinerant Services
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Physical Therapy
  • Psychological Services
  • Social Work Services
  • Social Skills Groups
  • Speech & Language Services
  • Vision Itinerant Services

*Music Therapy is embedded into special education programming as determined by the IEP team*

Director of Student Services

Dr. Tiffany Leiva