Air Conditioning Unit at Washington School



August 25, 2021

Today Washington School students were transported to Kennedy School and Lincoln Middle School due to a problem with the air conditioning unit. This morning we discovered that the chiller was not working properly.

 I made the decision to relocate students for the day due to the high heat index. 

Students were relocated swiftly and resumed their learning immediately upon settling into Kennedy and Lincoln. The plan was communicated with parents and a subsequent update was also given after students had arrived. I am extremely proud of our schools for how smooth this transition was handled.

The chiller was not working properly due to a broken fuse. The fuse was quickly replaced and  the chiller is working now. Washington School has cooled down considerably. Tomorrow 4th and 5th graders will return to Washington and follow their typical daily routines. 

SD81’s Director of Buildings and Grounds and I are confident that the broken fuse was unrelated to the construction of the new Washington School, the IDOT construction or the Village of Schiller Park’s water main and sewer work in the area. 

I would like to take this opportunity to thank our entire faculty, staff, administration, students, parents, and Board of Education for your help in making today’s adjustment happen without incident and with very little interruption to learning. It speaks volumes of how well our learning community handles challenges and works together in the best interest of our students.


Dr. Kimberly Boryszewski

Superintendent of Schools