Music Curriculum

Music in our School

Music is the organization of sounds in the space of time, however, music means so much more to those who listen, compose and perform! What is gained from a successful ensemble performance is unmatched in any field, and those that are given the opportunity to experience music from the inside out, never listen to any song the same again.

The General Music curriculum at Lincoln Middle School is designed to both stimulate the performer within each child as well as provide analytical and compositional experiences to provide insight and confidence in performance. Students in the General Music program at Lincoln are provided with classical and rock/pop instruction on the guitar and piano for all 3 years. Each student is taught to read and write traditional music notation as well as lead sheets, tablature, and other non-traditional notation. These reading and writing skills are applied in compositions and arrangements with pen and paper as well as computer software. Students are exposed to other technologies in music including recording equipment, arranging software, music web applications, and interactive music lessons.

All music curricula at Lincoln Middle School are guided by the Illinois State Standards and MENC National Standards of Music.